Moving Made Easy is an Australian national removalist curator and specialises in working with corporate, government and business organisations to assist them with their home and office set-ups and relocations.

Founder, Kym Phillips, has over 30 year’s first-hand experience as a second generation removalist who has grown up alongside her family in the industry. Without a doubt, Kym’s experience is second to none and she has grown a loyal and avid following over the years.

So what makes Kym different? Her passion for creating wonderful moving experiences started whilst working in her family’s successful and well-known business, McAuliffe’s Removalists & Storage. Today, Kym is recognised for delivering exceptional customer service with warmth, compassion and flexibility, which is how she earned her nickname ‘The Moving Angel’. If you need further proof, 95% of Kym’s clients are referrals or repeat clients, which is a testament to the way she operates, and Kym is renowned for making things stress free, hassle free and seamless.

The Moving Made Easy team are experts at moving homes and offices for government and corporate organisations, and design a project tailored around their clients’ specific needs. They are committed to saving you time, money and your sanity by taking the stress out of planning, managing and delivering an exceptional moving experience, regardless of size or structure of your business location (home or office).

Services include:

✅ Planning the move in advance to understand and pinpoint client needs

✅ Organising quotes from reliable and professional removalist providers

✅ Ensuring adequate and appropriate insurances are in place or offered

✅ Downsizing and decluttering in preparation for the move

✅ Packing and preparation for safe transportation at your existing location

✅ Ensuring there are sufficient resources to manage the physical move

✅ Managing safe and secure transportation of your precious items in a timely manner

✅ Unpacking and complete setup at your new location

✅ Removal of packing materials after setting up, leaving everything neat and tidy and ready for business.

The Moving Made Easy team will meet with you initially to tailor-make the perfect solution for you, ensuring downtime whilst relocating is kept to an absolute minimum. They will assist you all the way from start to finish, offering care and ease, and taking the pressure off you so that you can continue to focus on what’s important to you, your people and your business.

Kym had spent more than three decades working in every facet of the removals industry before establishing Moving Made Easy. Her goal was to provide a unique and outstanding customer service of a new and exciting level that not only makes her business stand out from the crowd, but filled this widening gap in the current market. She has succeeded in taking the ‘business of moving’ to a whole new level and has spread her wings to focus on a national solution. At Moving Made Easy, it’s all about the client and their needs.

So when you’re next on the move, consider contacting Kym and the Moving Made Easy Team for your personalised quote. You won’t be disappointed!