Moving Made Easy


Moving Made Easy provides you with support and a personalised moving service. At Moving Made Easy it’s all about how we can help you have a wonderful moving experience at home or in the office.

Below you will find details on our packages and options, but if you don't find what you're looking for simply reach out to Kym for your personalised, obligation free consultation.

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The Angel Package

For those who want it all!

Step by step support throughout the entire moving experience, tailored to your individual needs.

Your moving dreams come true!

The Downsizing & De-cluttering Package

Downsizing and de-cluttering your possessions and life

5-hour minimum package

Property Clearance Package

Clearing of property in preparation for relocating,
handing back rental, selling, or transitioning to full-time care.

The Retiree Package

We are the downsizing experts

Are you in the process of downsizing your family home before moving into a retirement lifestyle community? Well the retiree package is just what you need. Our team are the experts in downsizing and helping you through a challenging and often overwhelming time in your life. This is a confronting and stressful time, so let us take care of everything for you! You can feel comfort in leaving your house and personal affects in our hands.

10-hour minimum package

The Holiday Package

Yes... You vacation... we do the rest!

Have you ever wanted to escape the stress of moving house by simply going on holiday where you come home to your new house set up and ready to live in? Well at Moving Made Easy, this isn’t a dream, it is reality. Booking a holiday package means you don’t have to be involved in the stress of moving. You simply leave your existing home and return to your new one.

The Business Package

Go to work and come home to your new home

The business package allows you to go to work and come home to your new home set up and ready to live in. This package is perfect for anyone looking to avoid juggling the stress that comes with relocating and maintaining your business. You can continue life as normal while we set up your new home!

5-hour minimum package

The Office Package

Planning, organising & on site with removalists.
Floor plan for furniture placement in your new office.
Packing, unpacking & setting up ready to work.
Disconnect & reconnect IT equipment.
Privacy and security guaranteed.
After hours moving to reduce business down time.

The Audits Package

Business Relocation Audits.

You could be paying too much for your removal expenses we specialise in the auditing of:

  • Relocation expenses.
  • Relocation processes.
  • Insurance.