Guest Speaker

I now enjoy speaking and presenting all around Australia on the following topics:

1.     Most unlikely person to succeed in business

2.     Overcoming challenges in life

3.     Stepping out of your comfort zone

4.     Surrounding yourself with the right people

From my presentation, the audience will be inspired to chase their dreams and learn to believe in themselves by trusting their instincts. I provide helpful tips, strategies,
and advice from previous experiences to help people live their true purpose.

Please contact Kym to discuss the best package to suit your event.

Listed below are links and summaries to some of my previous recorded speaking engagements, as well as a reference from a past events.
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I look forward to inspiring and motivating anyone who wants to dream big and achieve what other people think is impossible.

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I am the CEO and founder of Moving Made Easy and now a recently published author of Moving Made Easy: The Hidden Keys to an Easy Move. I am described as counsellor to clients, The Moving Angel, change maker, industry disrupter, decluttering superstar, packing ninja, wife to Brett, Mum to Georgia, cherished daughter, and beautiful friend to many.

As a guest speaker, I will provide a raw, from the heart story, about the journey I have experienced over the years, writing, and launching both my own, and the removals industry’s first book on moving home or office.

I am available to speak at any type of event or session with your company, to find out more, please contact me

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