Pat Dewar

Our family have known the McAuliffe family for decades, firstly as removelist specialists, then Kym was an apprentice at the hairdressing salon I worked at.
I heard that Kym had set up MME via a friend and as we were moving into our new home I contacted her and I have to say it was the best thing that I have ever done!
She organised EVERYTHING, I just went to work and whenI arrived home everything was packed ready to go the next morning. The removal van arrived, packed up and off it went.
By the time I got home most of the stuff had been done, eg beds made up, kitchen organised etc.

Kym is a firecracker, just like the energiser bunny. Can’t speak highly enough her organisational skills and she seems to be able to do everything stress free.
I would recommend Kym and Moving Made Easy to anyone that is busy, stressed about the move or just needs a hand with it.
Let’s be honest, there is no fun in packing up a home when you have heaps of other things to focus on.


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