The difference moving experiences available

When it comes to moving house, there are many choices, and you need to choose the one that works best for you. Some people like to be in control, be onsite with the removalists, directing where everything is to be placed, and solve issues as they arise. Other people want nothing to do with removalists and other contractors, preferring to outsource to an expert. The choice is yours, and your choice can have a huge impact on your emotional state, so choose wisely. 

There are two main types of moving services: self-managed or professionally managed.

Self-managed means that you or your representative are responsible for the many elements of the move. This includes:  

– Selecting and communicating with the removalists.  
– Keeping the movers accountable on the day of the move, especially if on an hourly rate.
– Instructing where items are to be placed upon delivery.
– Ability to be at locations for uplift and delivery. 

Outsourcing the management of the move to a professional relocation specialist means they can tailor the move to meet your specific needs, even if that means you go on holidays and leave them the keys. This includes step-by-step support throughout the entire moving experience. At Moving Made Easy we offer a range of different management packages to suit your needs and lifestyle. These include:  

– The Moving Angel package 
– Business package 
– Retiree package 
– Holiday package 
– Office package  

If you want to learn more about which package is right for you, please purchase a copy of my book via our website

When you use our relocation project management service, we take all the stress out of moving home or office. 

Live Every Day!

Kym McAuliffe Phillips aka The Moving Angel
Contact Kym the relocation specialist, to find out how she can make your moving dreams come true.  

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