The Martin Family

Moving house is not something your average family does very regularly however our family has moved house 3 times over the last 4 years! When we sold our house in Kew in 2018 to move to Camberwell, the thought of co-ordinating the move whilst juggling parenting and work commitments was overwhelming. At this point we were introduced to Kym via her niece Tayla. After meeting Kym, we jumped at the opportunity to engage Moving Made Easy to handle the move during what was a very busy time for the family. Kym took care of everything to ensure that the move went as smoothly as possible with as little stress as possible.

The relationship she has with her preferred removalists is outstanding. In the midst of Covid we decided the time was right to embark on a renovation which required us to temporarily re-locate for 9 months so the builders could do their thing. We had no hesitation in reaching out to Kym and her team to help us with moving out and then moving back in to our house. Both of these moves were done during Victoria’s never ending cycle of lockdowns however the moving process was like clockwork thanks to the meticulous planning of Kym and her team. Kym couldn’t attend the move in 2020 due to travel restrictions but had her team on the ground in Melbourne help us move in very challenging conditions. She was then able to be on the ground in Camberwell when we moved back in May 2021 just making it back to Queensland before the borders shut once again. This showed Kym’s dedication to her client’s, putting our move ahead of potentially being forced
into quarantine and separated from her family. That is the definition of being passionate about your work and truly dedicated to servicing your clients.

On behalf of Jenny, Tahlia & Ella, we can’t thank Kym and the Moving Made Easy Team for all their help with our moving requirements over the last 4 years! You and your team are fantastic at what you do and you certainly live up to your business name…. Moving Made Easy!


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