Jodie Hedley-Ward

A moving angel like no other!
Kym has personally orchestrated the most seamless move for my family twice and has been instrumental in moving dozens of my personal real estate clients over the years with a level of commitment and compassion that I have never witnessed in the removal industry before.

She consistently outshines the competition by offering her bespoke blend of professionalism, passion and care factor. The bottom line is that Kym cares deeply about her clients and is truly  passionate about raising standards in her industry and delivering a level of service that consistently blows people away. She arrived at my door at 7am on the moving day and told me to get off to work. I had one of the most productive days of my career and turned up to my new house at 5.30pm to find everything in place, beautiful flowers in the kitchen and chocolates under the pillows of all family members. I couldn’t believe it; it was just pure magic!

Thank you Kym, I know I am only one story out of thousands of similar experiences your clients have enjoyed over the years. Your smile and laughter is contagious and your genuine warmth and caring shines through in everything that you do.


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