De-cluttering and the 80/20 rule

I want to address a problem some people have when downsizing and
de-cluttering. What can you do with the items you are not keeping? I find
the best place to start is with piles. I make three: definitely keeping,
donating and throwing out. Donating your unwanted items is a great way
to downsize your home or office and it also supports people in need.
Whether you are donating to a charity shop or to an organisation helping
those in need, it’s the perfect way to give the items you no longer need
a new home! If you are downsizing and de-cluttering a large space and
know you will have lots of rubbish to throw out, organising a skip bin
is a very efficient way to keep the rubbish together and away from the
other piles. If the idea of downsizing and de-cluttering is daunting, I
am here to help and make it easy for you.

My top tip is to remember the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time we use 20% of
the items we have. If you follow this rule when downsizing and
de-cluttering, you can avoid falling into the trap of “I might use that
item later, I’ll keep it just in case.”


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