Moving with Pets and Animals

Welcome to our November Newsletter. I can’t believe I’m saying it’s November. Where did 2022 go? The past few months I have been busy launching my first book Moving Made Easy The Hidden Keys to an Easy Move. I have been travelling around Australia on a thank you tour promoting my book and supporting local organisations who are close to my heart. I have also been spending some quality time with my family and friends.

This month I wanted to talk about moving with pets. I feel that this is a topic that has not been covered in a lot of detail before. Many people consider their pets apart of the family: they are loved and adored. As we know, moving is a very stressful time for us, and can be for pets too. Pets pick up on tensions and stress, and are known to be territorial beings. So when moving homes, there are a few things to make this process easier for your fur babies.

My top tips for moving with pets:

1. Organise a moving day playdate or sleepover. Allow your pets to be away from the stressful environment and have some fun. This can be helpful for you and keep your furry friends safe.

2. To reduce pets stress, keep their routine of sleep, feeding, playtime, and walks.

3. Try to maintain the same level of attention. It’s hard to do this when you are busy.

I have covered this topic in great detail in my book. If you want to learn more, please purchase a copy via our website

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As we lead into the end of another year, take some time to be thankful for all you have achieved this year and make sure to live everyday!

 From our family to yours,
The team at Moving Made Easy


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