Timeframe cowboys

Over the Christmas period, I was told a horrific but unfortunately not surprising story. A man
booked an interstate move from Queensland to Victoria on an hourly rate. This means that
the removalist was required to drive across several states, encountering border crossing and
delays. The client had been mislead about time frames and expected costs, and
subsequently was charged a lot more than if he negotiated a fixed price. This is a massive
trap in the removals industry, and like I always say, issues like this happen because the
industry is not regulated, and not all removals company operate with the same ethics. This
poor man, like a lot of people, did not realise that the Christmas period is the busiest and
most expensive time for removalists, therefore bookings need to be made well in advance.
This man did not do that and was forced to book with an unethical company. This resulted
in a significant increase in price and stress as payment in full was demanded prior to

My top tip is to be aware of traps like this. Book well in advance and be aware of the dodgy
cowboys that are in the industry. This is why I have dedicated Moving Made Easy to lifting
the standards within the removals industry. I hand pick the best removalists from within the
most reputable companies in the areas I work, and even then can still struggle with
consistency. To ensure your next move is your best move, contact The Moving Angel as soon
as possible.


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